Today on the blog I’m thrilled to be featuring THE SUMMER I BECAME A NERD by my new author friend Leah Rae Miller. Her amazing novel has all the elements I love in a great story—summer, music, comics, a smart female protagonist, and loveable nerd boys. Oh and when I saw the adorable cover my first thought was: “Our books could be cousins!” I knew I had to read it and I’m soooo glad I did. It’s the perfect summer novel.


Because our novels both feature some less-than-cool love interests, we thought it would be fun if we introduced our awesome, geeky guys. (“Nerds of a feather” as my protag Rosie would say.) So with that, I’ll be turning the interview over to Matty, the reliable neighbor boy from HOW MY SUMMER WENT UP IN FLAMES. He will be speaking with the crush-worthy, comic-loving Logan from THE SUMMER I BECAME A NERD.




MATTY: So, you grew up in a family that loves comics and actually owns a comic book store. The Phoenix is such a great name. What was that like?

LOGAN: It’s kinda like the most awesome thing ever! It’s like I have my own comic library. There were tough times, sure, but things are looking up.

MATTY: Do you have a favorite comic book series and if so, why?

LOGAN: I like anything Green Lantern (Hal Jordan being my favorite). Fables is an amazing series, too. There’s just so much, it’s hard to choose just one.

MATTY: When Maddie first walks into your parents’ store, she’s literally a nerd in disguise. When did you first realize that the real Maddie was more like you than the popular cheerleader persona she had created for herself?

LOGAN: Seeing her so desperate for that comic was a major eye-opener. Then later when we started really talking about different comics and what it was like to actually hold a book in your hands, that’s when I knew there was something more to her than she was showing most of the time.

MATTY: Were you nervous about introducing her to live-action role playing? I thought that was a bold move.

LOGAN: So freaking nervous! But I knew I had fun LARPing so maybe she would, too. It’s like what Dan says his grandma always says: If you never take a leap, you’ll be stuck in the same spot forever.

MATTY: Any advice for girls out there who are considering dating nerds but may be reluctant to take that step?

LOGAN: Give it a try! What could it hurt? But don’t date a nerd just because he/she is a nerd. Date them because you like them.

MATTY: Who’s your favorite nerd from history?

LOGAN: Oh dude, that’s a hard one. Nikola Tesla was pretty awesome and I definitely consider him a nerd to a certain extent.

MATTY: Favorite living nerd?

LOGAN: I’d have to go with Stan Lee since, ya know, he’s kinda the Lord of the Nerds.

MATTY: Favorite super hero?

LOGAN: Green Lantern. How cool would it be to be able to fly AND have a ring that can create anything you can imagine!

MATTY: Who will you dress as at NerdCon this year and why?

LOGAN: Either the 11th Doctor from Doctor Who because bowties are cool. Or something old school like Cloud from Final Fantasy 7 because I really want to try making one of those huge swords.

MATTY: I think it’s awesome that you have your own show on a college radio station. What are the top five songs on Awesome Logan’s summer playlist?

LOGAN: Let’s see. Staplegunned by The Spill Canvas was Maddie’s ring tone so that has to be number 1. I’ve really been into They Might Be Giants lately so I have two songs from them: Another First Kiss and Birdhouse in your Soul. Then there’s Do it Anyway by Ben Folds Five and The Lumineer’s Stubborn Love. I could go on and on, but I left my playlist at the station.

MATTY: What’s Natchitoches like? My friend Spencer and I are planning our next road trip and looking for destinations. Oh, and silly question, but how do you pronounce the name of your hometown?

LOGAN: Natchitoches. Pronounced Na-ka-tish or Na-ka-dish, depends on your accent. Natchitoches is okay, I guess. It’s quiet and I like that. The best time to visit here is during Christmas when the Christmas Festival happens. During the festival, you can walk from party to party and still not hit them all!

Thanks so much for the interview, Matty! This has been awesome!

MATTY: Any time! Live long and prosper, man.

For more about Leah Rae Miller you can find her at or follow her at @LeahR_Miller