Jennifer Salvato Doktorski


The Art of Writing

Ages 8-17, 60 minutes, 25 participants

Much like artists take a pencil to paper or paint to canvas—molds clay with a potter’s wheel or bare hands—writers use words and ideas to create stories. In this workshop, students learn where ideas come from, basic story structure, and how to dig into their artist toolkits to create stories that captivate others.

The Art of the Interview

Ages 11- 17, 90 minutes, 25 participants

In this workshop students will learn how news reporters conduct interviews and gather facts to write news and feature stories. Students will learn how to craft questions, conduct interviews, write profiles and feature stories, and share their work with the group.

The Art of Revision

Ages, 8-17, 60 minutes, 25 participants

“There is no such thing as writing, only re-writing.” Some wise person once said that, and it’s true. The writing journey does not end with the first draft. This workshop is meant to be combined or scheduled as a follow-up to The Art of Writing and The Art of the Interview. Students will learn to embrace revision as part of the writing process, not as an exercise in correcting errors of fixing what was “wrong” with their work. Techniques, such as using active verbs and “showing not telling” will be taught to help students edit and strengthen their work.

More Than Two People Talking: What “The West Wing,” “General Hospital,” and “Jane Austen” Can Teach You About Writing Great Dialogue

Ages 13 and up, 60 minutes, 25 participants

Using examples from television, movies, and popular authors, students will learn how to write dialogue that captures a character’s voice while also conveying other elements of the story, such as plot, backstory, setting, and mood.

Somewhere Summer

2 Books in 1! Somewhere Summer by Anna Michels and Jennifer Salvato Doktorski

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