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That Summer After You and Me

Teen romance ebbs and flows in the wake of Superstorm Sandy. Like its predecessors, New Jersey novelist Doktorski (Famous Last Words, 2013, etc.) sets her third teen romance “down the shore,” this time in storm-ravaged Seaside Park. As locals and seasonal residents rebuild their homes and lives in the spring following the storm, 16-year-old local Lucy Giordano and her family look forward to returning to the comfort of a normal Jersey summer. But relationship challenges await Lucy: Andrew, her best friend since childhood, wants to turn their platonic friendship into something more; meanwhile, Lucy flashes back to the hours before Sandy struck, when she and Connor Malloy, the dreamboat part-time resident next door, got together. When Connor doesn’t call as promised in the storm’s aftermath, brokenhearted Lucy moves on, beginning to explore the depth of her feelings for Andrew and slowly getting back into the routine of school, volunteering, and her summer job. But then Connor and his family return, and Lucy finds herself awash with conflict: pursue the handsome, irresistible summer boy, who seems to be a player, or settle for the easy familiarity of being with Andrew, whom her family adores. Doktorski’s intricate plot and intriguing character development smartly weave together revealing post-Sandy communal dynamics alongside the intimate fireworks and trappings of first love for Lucy. A thoughtful tale of forgiveness, growth, and the importance of learning to adapt to changes large and small. — Kirkus

How My Summer Went Up in Flames

“Debut author Doktorski’s writing is full of emotion and wit…an entertaining road trip novel about heartbreak and starting over.”—Publisher’s Weekly

“Rosie is a funny, endearing narrator, propelled by impulse and passion that sometimes obliterate common sense. Her portrayal of her male companions is often hilarious… a great ride.”—Booklist

“Rosie’s story of growth is detailed against the backdrop of rural, kitschy, and desert America. Her adventure is real and candid—full of teenage hormones and pop culture fascination.”—Children’s Literature

Famous Last Words

A Bank Street College Best Children’s Book of the Year for 2014

“It’s easy to fall for Sam’s self-deprecating wit, go-getter enthusiasm, occasional stumbles, and fascination with boys; her dedication to the imperiled newspaper and her eccentric colleagues will endear her to readers, too. A satisfying office romance set against the backdrop of tight deadlines and a changing media landscape.” —Publishers Weekly

“A smart, compact, and pleasurable read.” —Booklist

“Doktorski has written a satisfying novel that readers will enjoy. There are no superheroes or fairies here—just good, everyday people dealing with day-to-day issues as life presents them, learning about love, trust, and honesty.” —VOYA

“Something of a love note to print journalism. . . . Snappy and contemporary, furthered by Sam’s wry, self-deprecating narration and convincingly colloquial dialogue. Cleverly titled, realistically written, and on the whole engaging and sympathetic, this story rings true.” —Kirkus Reviews